Duct Cleaning

Quality Duct Cleaning Services

Out of sight, out of mind can be a harmful practice when it comes to your air ducts. Air ducts exist to distribute ventilation air through the house, but they can also circulate dust and dander through your home. Call our professionals today to take a look at your ducts and clean them up. We also provide dryer vent cleaning.

Rotobrush Duct Cleaning System

This machine brushes and vacuums dirt, dust, and debris from inside your ducts. We even have a camera to inspect the duct system. We have several different size brushes for the best dust removal.

Live Healthier With Clean Ducts

Your duct system is a vital component of your overall HVAC system. Every day, it moves huge quantities of heated or cooled air between the air handler and each room of your home. However, if that ductwork gets dirty, it becomes less efficient at moving all that air. This is a major issue for homeowners who are seeing a decrease in energy efficiency of their HVAC systems.

If your home’s ductwork isn’t moving air as efficiently as it should or if allergen levels are high despite the filtration devices you have installed, call Scott Walker Heating and Air for duct cleaning services.

Your home, business, employees, family, and even your pets depend on clean, healthy air. Contact Scott Walker Heating and Air in Newnan, GA for cooling, heating, preventative maintenance, and heat pump systems. Senior and military discounts available!
"Scott Walker Heating and Air provides the best personal service available. The option of using a small business that is locally owned and operated is invaluable. In the past few weeks, our old system failed. Scott personally came to the house to assess what was needed and gave us different options on new systems. He rearranged his team's schedule so the work could be done the next day. The team was working in temperatures of 130 degrees in the attic to complete the work. They were nothing short of phenomenal."

- Cathy Carazza
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