3 Reasons You Should Install a Heat Pump This Spring

Today is the right day to learn about the benefits of using a heat pump in your Peachtree City, GA home. You could be saving money every month on your energy bills while enjoying better humidity control of your space. Here a few reasons to make an investment in a new air conditioning and heating installation project.

1. The Convenience of AC and Heating in One

The weather in Newnan, GA, and the surrounding area is typically mild, so it’s perfect most of the year for a single unit that can both warm and cool your space. These systems transfer warmth in the air from one place to another, so they effectively remove the heat from inside your home or use even minimal warmth in outdoor air to heat your home.

2. An Energy-Efficient Solution for Heating and Cooling

The best reason to immediately upgrade to a new heat pump is energy efficiency. The units are much more efficient than heaters that must use fuel to create warmer air. Depending on the age and type of your current system, you could see your heating bills drop by up to 50 percent with a new unit.

3. Minimal Disruption for Your Heating Installation

If you’re thinking about upgrading any part of your HVAC system, springtime is a great time to do it. Though storms may roll through, you’re less likely to be relying on either the heating or the cooling to maintain your comfort.

To learn more about saving money on your heating and cooling bills, check out Scott Walker Heating and Air’s products page or call (770) 282-5061 for answers to all of your heating and cooling questions.

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