Heat Pump Systems in Newnan GA and Surrounding Areas

Trane Heat Pump

In the relatively mild climate of Georgia, heat pump systems are growing in popularity. These systems provide efficient and effective climate control all year long while keeping costs and space usage to a minimum. If you're interested in a heat pump for your home in Newnan, Sharpsburg, Fayetteville, Peachtree City or any of the surrounding communities, the team at Scott Walker Heating and Air can help.

Understanding How Heat Pump Systems Work

To understand how heat pumps work, you need to understand the basic cooling cycle that powers any air conditioner. Your basic split-system air conditioner has two key components: the evaporator coil, located in the indoor unit, and the condenser coil, located in the outdoor unit.

The indoor evaporator coil is where special chemicals called refrigerants absorb heat from inside your home and evaporate; the refrigerant vapor with its stored heat then travels to the outdoor condenser coil. A special pump called a compressor forces it to condense, releasing the heat outside the building. The refrigerant cycles back and forth between the indoor and outdoor units, pumping heat out of the home.

In a heat pump, this same cooling cycle is used, but it is reversible. In the summer, a heat pump works just like an air conditioner, pumping heat out of the home to cool you down. In the winter, the cycle instead absorbs heat from the outdoor air and brings it inside, warming your home.

Our Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services

There are many reasons you may want a heat pump for your home. They're compact and highly energy efficient, especially in areas like ours where the winters are fairly mild.

Our factory-trained technicians will come to your home and conduct a load calculation so that we can choose a heat pump that is properly sized for your heating and cooling load. As Trane Comfort Specialists, we are deeply familiar with Trane heat pumps and will get yours up and running, so that it meets or exceeds the manufacturer's specifications.

One of the few downsides of a heat pump is that it will require somewhat more maintenance than a dedicated heating or cooling system because it runs all year long. Stay ahead of that problem with a preventive maintenance agreement from Scott Walker Heating and Air.

Our factory-trained technicians will not only clear up any emerging problems that could later lead to more significant issues down the road but also carefully calibrate your system for maximum energy efficiency. Finally, if you have an issue with your heat pump, we have the tools and expertise to get it back up and running. With decades of experience in the HVAC industry, we proudly repair and maintain all makes and models of heat pumps.

Your Local Heat Pump Experts

Since 2004, we've been installing, repairing and maintaining heat pumps and other HVAC systems in Newnan, GA and throughout the surrounding communities. If you need a new heat pump or service for your existing heat pump system, contact us online or call today.

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