There’s nothing better than stepping out of your Newnan, GA, home on a scorching summer day and knowing that the AC is doing its job. But with all the good that comes with having an efficient AC, it can also come with a lot of frustration when your unit breaks down. If you’re struggling to keep cool this summer, read on to find out some ways you can improve your AC efficiency.

1. Check the Unit Interior

Before you run your AC, it’s crucial to ensure that the unit is functioning correctly inside. By doing so, you’re able to keep your unit running longer and prevent many issues.

2. Check for Leaks and Moisture

You need to check for leaks and moisture in the unit before turning on your AC. If you find a leak, stop using the air conditioner as it can cause further damage. If you have moisture in your unit’s outdoor coil, it may cause the system to overheat.

3. Check for Dust or Debris

The air coming from your HVAC unit often gets filtered through a fan which circulates air through your vents when you turn on the AC. If you find that dust or other debris is blocking your air vents, it may be affecting how quickly the unit can cool down. It’s best to have a professional HVAC company have a look at your AC.

4. Check the Outside Unit

You also have to ensure that your outside unit is in working order. You should check the unit’s power cord and make sure that it isn’t damaged. And if you find that there’s no power coming from the unit, it could be due to a defective switch or a wire.

By ensuring that your AC is working correctly, you’re able to prevent a lot of frustrations and get the most out of your AC. If you want to improve your AC’s efficiency, contact Scott Walker Heating and Air for heating and AC repair, maintenance and installation.

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