5 Signs Your Newnan, GA Attic Insulation Needs an Upgrade

Attic insulation keeps rising hot air from escaping through your roof during the chilly winter in Newnan, Georgia. However, your home’s insulation won’t last forever. Here are some signs that your insulation needs an upgrade.

Energy Costs

Rising energy bills may indicate that your home’s insulation isn’t doing its job. Heat loss through your attic roof will make your house cold and will make your furnace run more than usual, driving up fuel use and affecting your bill.


Patchy or disintegrated insulation can leave gaps inside the sub-roof where unwanted air enters and flows through the house, creating chilly drafts. If you’ve noticed airflow in unexpected places, it might be time to check your insulation.

Unstable Temperatures

Are some rooms chilly while others overheat? An uneven temperature in your home can mean that it’s inadequately insulated. If your home’s temperature is inconsistent, it might be time to have your attic insulation examined and replaced.

Water in the Insulation

If your insulation gets wet, water will fill the airspace of the insulation, rendering it ineffective. Water damage can come from a leak in the roof or burst pipes. Either way, wet insulation will be compromised and won’t properly insulate your home. Replacing your insulation, leaky pipes, or the roof will solve the problem.


Squirrels, mice, rats, or raccoons can take up residence in the attic spaces of your house. If you’ve noticed an uninvited resident sharing your home, this means there are holes in your roof that need patching. Pests also may do damage by creating nests and leaving droppings within the insulation. If you’ve had a pest problem in the past, call a professional to replace the damaged insulation.

If your house is old and hasn’t been re-insulated in a while, or you’ve noticed any of the problems above, then it’s time to give Scott Walker Heating and Air a call. You can reach us at 770-282-5061 to schedule an appointment.

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