Banging, Clanking and Other Furnace Noises in Newnan, GA

Your furnace in Newnan, GA, can make a lot of noises during regular operation, such as whooshing when it turns on or pops and clicks. However, loud or unusual noises are a cause for concern. Here are three types of furnace noises, what causes them and when to call for repairs:

Loud Banging

Whether banging noises are worrisome depends on where they’re coming from. If the sound comes several feet away from the furnace, or you hear it throughout the home, it’s likely your air ducts.

Loose, misaligned or undersized air ducts can make loud sounds when the blower kicks on. If you suspect a problem with your ducts, call us to inspect them.

A buildup of gases suddenly igniting can cause loud bangs from the furnace itself. This can happen if the furnace burners are dirty and cause an ignition delay. Regular furnace maintenance can keep the burners clean so your system operates efficiently.

Grinding or Scraping

Grinding and scraping sounds from your furnace aren’t normal and should prompt a call for repairs. A loose or broken blower wheel can cause these sounds. If you hear this sound, don’t operate your furnace, as doing this could cause further damage.

Other sounds caused by a malfunctioning blower include squealing or screeching. Problems with the belts cause these noises and require attention.

Buzzing or Rattling

Loose parts inside the furnace can cause rattling, buzzing or humming noises. Anything from loose screws to parts about to fail can cause vibrations. Regular maintenance usually keeps these noises at bay, but if they continue, it’s best to have professional service technicians inspect the furnace.

While your furnace normally makes noises when it turns on and off, other sounds indicate it’s time to call in the experts. Furnace failure constitutes an emergency, so call Scott Walker Heating and Air to schedule a heating repair at the first sign of trouble.

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