Most Atlanta, GA, homeowners prefer not to deal with dust, allergens and biological contaminants. Luckily, UV light air purification is one of the best methods of purifying the air in your house. Here’s why.

Improve Airflow

Dust and air particulates trapped in your dirty ducts make it hard for your HVAC to work. UV light, when combined with filtration, can eliminate these dust particles and kill microbes. UV light purification systems make it easier for air to flow through your system efficiently and also reduce maintenance costs.

Uv Light Eliminates Odors

Your HVAC system can transport odors from cigarettes, paint, volatile gases and other harmful contaminants into your house. These odors can be irritating, but a UV light air purifier has a porous carbon filter that binds to the particles that cause foul odors and eliminates them.

Lowering the Risk of Illness

UV light can kill allergens, bacteria and other biological contaminants in the air that can cause illnesses. UV lights are ideal for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Decrease Energy Costs and Improve Efficiency

Parts of your HVAC system can become coated with dust and other contaminants as air flows through, making your system work harder than it should. It means that you will spend more money on energy bills and also maintenance. Having a UV light purifier in your HVAC will save you much and help improve your HVAC efficiency by reducing wear on your HVAC parts.

Are you ready to learn more about how to remove germs, dust and unpleasant odors in your house? Contact Scott Walker Heating and Air for the best indoor air quality solutions. We service the greater Atlanta area and are happy to discuss the best options for your home’s unique needs.

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