Different Types of Heat Pumps in Sharpsburg, GA

Heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling systems available today. These modern systems use electricity to move hot or cold air from one place to another. Keep reading to learn more about different heat pump types in Sharpsburg, GA.

Air Source

Air-to-air systems remove the heat from the outdoor air and move it into your home. These are one of the most popular options because they’re the least expensive to install. They take up very little space and are best suited for moderate climates without temperature extremes.

Ground Source

Also referred to as geothermal heat pumps, these systems extract heat from the ground near your foundation. The ground is usually warmer than the air during the winter. This type of heat pump is more efficient than an air source system during the cold season.

Unfortunately, geothermal pumps aren’t as popular as other types because they have a high installation cost. You need extensive excavation to get the pump’s tubes deep below the ground.

Water Source

Water source heat pumps are available to those located near a body of water like a pond or lake. These systems pump water through the system, extracting heat and delivering it to the home. While these pumps are less expensive than ground source systems, they require a constant supply of water that may be hard to come by.


Heat pumps often struggle to function efficiently in areas with extreme temperatures. That’s why many pumps today have multiple functions to provide supplementary temperature control. Some of the most common options include solarand gas heat pumps.

The most popular heat pumps available are air source, water source and ground source. You also have the option to choose a hybrid system. Call Scott Walker Heating and Air for more heating and cooling options in Sharpsburg, GA.

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