Don’t Try to Repair Your Own Water Heater in Fayetteville, GA

A malfunctioning water heater creates a number of problems. Rather than endure this situation, you might think about trying to fix things on your own. If you’re a homeowner in Fayetteville, GA, read on to learn why trying to repair your own water heater is a bad idea.

You Might Get Burned

Water heaters have scalding water flowing through them all the time. If you attempt to take yours apart and fix it without the proper training or experience, there’s a chance that a jet of hot water will shoot out and burn you as you’re working. This water could not only hit your skin but might even land in your eyes, meaning that there’s absolutely no good reason to take such a risk.

Electrocution or Gas Exposure

Water heaters typically do their work by consuming either gas or electricity, both of which are potentially dangerous. Trying DIY water heater repair work can put you in a position to be accidentally electrocuted. Alternatively, your gas-powered heater might release gas into your home that will harm or poison those who inhale it.

You Could Worsen Things

Finally, if you set out to repair your water heater, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be successful in the attempt, even if you manage to avoid hurting yourself. Worse yet, you may end up tinkering with the wrong part and inadvertently causing more damage than existed previously. The risk of this is particularly high, since without knowledge or experience in the field, you’d essentially be flying blind.

For example, you might accidentally damage your gas line, which would require great effort to fix. If this happens, you’ll have to call for repairs anyway — and you might end up spending more than you would have spent if you had just let a professional handle things from the beginning.

Trying to repair a water heater on your own will probably create more problems than it solves. Call the professionals at Scott Walker Heating and Air and ask for our water heater services in Fayetteville, GA.

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