4 Habits You Need to Break for Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is up to five times more contaminated than the air outdoors. Fortunately, you can improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Sharpsburg, GA, home by simply breaking these four bad habits:

Neglecting HVAC Air Filter Changes

Most HVAC manufacturers recommend changing air filters every one to three months. However, you should also inspect this component monthly.

To inspect your HVAC air filter, remove it from your air handler or return duct and hold it up to the overhead light. If light can pass through a filter’s mesh, incoming air can pass through it, too.

Skipping Routine HVAC Maintenance

Annual HVAC maintenance service is a requirement of most equipment manufacturer warranties. Heaters and air conditioners should receive professional maintenance before the start of their high-demand seasons. If you use a heat pump year-round, you should schedule maintenance before winter arrives and again in late spring.

During maintenance service, we clean heating and cooling equipment inside and out. This promotes cleaner indoor air and better performance. It also eliminates unpleasant HVAC odors.

Using Products That Release VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gaseous chemicals. When indoor concentrations of these contaminants are too high, residents can suffer from symptoms like recurring headaches, fatigue and confusion.

Many VOCs in your living space come from off-gassing building materials like flooring adhesives, composite wood and paint. However, there are also many VOCs that you’re likely adding to your air when cooking, burning scented candles and discharging surface cleaners.

Try using essential oils rather than plug-in air fresheners. Clean your bathroom and range hood exhaust vents to optimize their performance. Choose battery-powered candles or naturally scented options made from beeswax or soy that burn cleanly.

Not Investing in HVAC Accessories

Not every IAQ problem is a job for HVAC air filters. Air filters are ineffective at removing VOCs, while bacteria, microbes and viruses can pass through them.

You can proactively improve your IAQ by investing in integrated HVAC accessories. Additions like air scrubbers, media filters and sanitizing UV lights deactivate gaseous chemicals and eliminate dangerous, illness-causing pathogens.

We help our clients enjoy healthy, fresh-smelling homes with first-rate HVAC maintenance services and cutting-edge IAQ accessories. For top-notch indoor air quality service, contact Scott Walker Heating and Air today!

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