How Does AC Maintenance Improve Summer Comfort?

Walking into a cool home is always refreshing after a long day at work. This is especially true during the middle of summer in Newnan, Georgia when the heat outside becomes almost unbearable. With a well-maintained air conditioner, you can maximize the comfort in your home in several ways. AC maintenance improves indoor comfort by preventing hot and cold spots, enhancing indoor air quality, and increasing energy efficiency.

Prevent Hot and Cold Spots

A neglected cooling system often leads to extreme temperature imbalances throughout a home. Leaky ductwork is a common culprit of hot and cold spots because as cooled air travels through the ductwork, it will escape through holes and tears. This means the cooled air doesn’t make it to its intended destination. During a maintenance session, one of our technicians will inspect and repair leaky and damaged ductwork.

Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Over time, your air conditioner collects dirt and dust along with other grime. As the cooling system runs, the cooled air mixes with dust and dirt, which can lead to short-term health effects. If you suffer from allergy and asthma symptoms, they’ll probably get worse if you don’t keep up with regular AC maintenance. As part of the maintenance session, a technician will clean the AC, including those hard-to-reach parts like the evaporator coils. This is crucial to improving your indoor air quality.

Increase Energy Efficiency

With regular maintenance, a technician will inspect all parts to ensure they are operating as they should be. This translates into a cooling system that operates with optimal efficiency, meaning it can better cool your home and improve your indoor comfort.

To learn more about the various ways AC maintenance improves indoor summer comfort, contact Scott Walker Heating and Air today at 770-282-5061. Give us a call now to discuss our various AC maintenance plans.

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