How Ventilation Add-Ons Give Your HVAC System a Boost

Whether you have a newly constructed home with a tight building envelope or a vintage home with upgraded insulation, your Sharpsburg, Georgia, house may not have great natural ventilation. If your home struggles with balancing fresh and stale air, HVAC extras can help. From improving airflow to moderating humidity, learn how ventilation add-ons can give your HVAC system a boost.

Increase Airflow

Getting sick of stale air in your home? One of the biggest perks of ventilation add-ons is its ability to flush out old, stale air and replace it with fresh, clean air every time your HVAC system cycles. That means you can look forward to increased airflow in every room of your home along with fresh air around the clock.

Moderate Humidity

While your air conditioner or heat pump is designed to moderate humidity throughout the cooling season, not every HVAC system is a match for Sharpsburg’s hot, sticky summers. However, when you add an energy-recovery ventilator (ERV) like the Trane FreshEffects to your cooling system, you can easily get a handle on humidity.

This HVAC add-on connects directly to your HVAC system, supplying it with fresh, pre-conditioned air. Since this ERV is also designed to pull moisture out of the incoming air, it automatically lowers the humidity level in your home. Because ERVs are equipped to recapture some of the thermal energy from the outgoing air, these systems are remarkably efficient, too.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Over the course of the summer, the combination of stale air and high humidity can cause your indoor air quality to take a nose dive. With a heat-recovery ventilator (HRV), however, you can quickly get bad indoor air under control. By providing your HVAC system with a constant supply of clean air, this add-on can eliminate bad odors, lingering smells, and even harmful airborne chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for good.

Isn’t it time you tackled those persistent indoor air quality issues? Call the ventilation professionals at Scott Walker Heating and Air today at 770-282-5061.

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