Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with the Trane Perfect Fit

You might not realize the importance of indoor air quality because you can’t always see the pollutants. However, household pollutants range from dust and particles to smoke and smog. They can cause short- and long-term health effects such as headaches, fatigue, irritated eyes and throat, respiratory problems, cancers and heart disease. The good news is that you can improve the air quality in your Peachtree City home by having Scott Walker Heating and Air install the Trane Perfect Fit.

Reducing the Pollutants from Stale Air

Believe it or not, preventing outdoor air from entering your home increases the concentration of household pollutants. You can simply open windows and doors to let fresh air in, but the weather doesn’t always permit it. There’s also the risk that tiny insects will get into your house through the screens.

For these reasons, HVAC manufacturers have started building systems with the ability to intake outdoor air. Older units only circulate the air that’s currently inside your home. This new technology improves the quality of your indoor air by freshening it with air from outside. Getting a Trane home comfort system that uses this technology will take all the guesswork out of improving the quality of your air. At the same time, it regulates humidity and temperature levels to reduce pollutant concentrations.

Upgrading HVAC Filters to Boost Indoor Air Quality

When you upgrade to a Trane home comfort system, a new filter system will further improve your air quality. Trane Perfect Fit reusable filters effectively filter all of the air that passes through your HVAC system.

The media filters are 5 inches thick to prevent contaminants from circulating through your house. They can even catch the smallest of pollutants such as mist and smog without reducing airflow. One-inch reusable filters are also available for Trane furnaces and air handlers.

Keep your family safe from harmful pollutants by improving your household air quality. To learn more, get in contact with us online or call today.

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