Spring is a popular time to complete home remodeling and renovation projects. Before you jump into your intended home project, make sure you take the following steps to protect your HVAC system in your Newnan, Georgia, home..

Cover Your Unit

Dust and debris from your home renovation project can make their way into the HVAC system. This debris is circulated throughout your home, affecting your air quality. It can be helpful to cover your HVAC system with plastic sheeting before beginning your project. Don’t forget to also close and cover air vents, too. If possible, you can also block off the part of your home that houses the unit.

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter will capture some of the debris from the renovation. However, most air filters are not designed to handle the excessive debris that comes with a household renovation project. Consider changing your air filter before you begin the project and then again after you have completed it. If the project is long-term, then you may need to change the air filter frequently during the project.

Schedule an Inspection

Once the home remodeling project is completed, it is a good idea to schedule an HVAC inspection. A licensed technician will inspect the different components of your unit for any damage or debris buildup. If the project produced a lot of debris, then you may want to also schedule a cleaning.

Turning off the unit and closing the vents does not prevent all debris from making it into your unit. Large amounts of debris in your air ducts can not only damage your unit, but it can also reduce your home’s air quality and the overall efficiency of your unit.

Prepare for your upcoming spring renovations by protecting your HVAC unit ahead of time. Then, schedule an inspection to ensure the renovation dust did not affect your unit or your home’s air quality. Call Scott Walker Heating and Air today at 770-282-5061 to discuss your HVAC inspection and cleaning needs.

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