What Does NATE Certification Mean and Why Does It Matter?

No matter where you live, your area undoubtedly has at least one HVAC contractor. After all, insulating homes and businesses against the elements is an invaluable service. HVAC technicians who have obtained a NATE certification stand out among the crowd in Newnan, GA, and here’s why.

What Is NATE?

North American Technician Excellence is a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. The Internal Revenue Service defines NATE as a business league, which is an organization that promotes an industry’s collective economic interests without profiting from it.

In the 1990s, the HVAC industry faced scrutiny for underperforming equipment. Manufacturers later found out that inexperienced technicians incorrectly installed equipment en masse. Rather than accepting this as an industry norm, several HVAC manufacturers banded together to create an organization to accredit HVAC technicians.

That group of manufacturers secured funding through two trade organizations, the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association and the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute. They used the money to establish NATE.

About the HVAC Industry

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the HVAC industry employed roughly 376,800 technicians in 2019. Those with NATE certification numbered less than 35,000.

Why NATE Certification Matters

Simply put, NATE certification ensures that technicians have the skill, experience and technical knowledge to maintain HVAC equipment the right way. NATE certification requires candidates to pass five 30-question exams: HVAC Fundamentals, Service, Installation, Electrical and Controls and Comfort and Airflow.

Candidates also need to renew their licenses every two years, which requires 16 continuing education credits. This continuing education requirement keeps technicians up-to-date with the industry’s latest techniques and technologies.

We take pride in our NATE-certified technicians, who have earned a glowing reputation for their reliable HVAC repair work. Contact our team today to have a NATE-certified technician service your HVAC system in Newnan, GA. Schedule an appointment with our professional and friendly team today.

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