Why Is My Ductless Mini-Split In Newnan, GA, So Noisy?

Unusual noises from your ductless mini-split may indicate an underlying problem. It’s not wise to ignore these noises, as the issue may worsen. Let’s discuss some problematic ductless mini-split noises you might hear in your Newnan, GA, home and what they mean.


Loose components somewhere in your mini-split system may cause a rattling noise. This is most likely the issue if you have been using your system for many years without scheduling maintenance services. Wear and tear cause your system’s parts to loosen as it ages.

Debris in your outdoor condenser unit may also cause the rattling noise. Ask a qualified service technician to pinpoint the exact issue causing this noise.


Your ductless mini-split moves heat from one area to another with the help of a fluid called refrigerant. Cracks may develop on the refrigerant line, allowing the fluid to escape. As the high-pressure fluid attempts to escape through the tiny openings on the refrigerant line, you’ll hear hissing noises.

You may also encounter gurgling sounds when air enters the refrigerant line. Consider engaging a professional service technician to repair refrigerant leaks for you. Attempting to fix the leakage by yourself is dangerous, as the fluid is harmful to human health and the environment.


Electrical issues may be the cause of the buzzing sound from your ductless mini-split. Allow a professional to handle electrical issues to protect yourself from electricity-associated injuries.

Loose components and a faulty fan motor may also cause this problem. Consider scheduling regular ductless maintenance to keep your system in good condition at all times.


Your system has several moving parts. When these parts lack sufficient lubrication, they will produce a grinding noise.

Insufficient lubrication may increase your system’s wear and tear. Regular maintenance visits keep your system’s parts well-lubricated.

Contact Scott Walker Heating and Air for professional ductless mini-split services. Our service technicians will inspect your system carefully to identify the issue denying you the indoor comfort and energy savings you deserve.

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