Why Does My Furnace Run Nonstop in Newnan, GA?

When the winter weather arrives, the last thing you want to deal with is a malfunctioning furnace. If your heating system is functioning unusually, that indicates a problem. Read on to learn about the most common reasons your furnace is running continuously in Newnan, GA.

Clogged Air Filter

An air filter clogged with dirt and debris is the most common reason a furnace runs continuously. Fortunately, it’s also the easiest issue to remedy and doesn’t require professional intervention. Replace the dirty air filter with a new one, and your furnace will return to operating on its usual on/off cycle.

Leaky Ductwork

The heated air produced by your furnace circulates throughout your home by a system of metal ductwork. If the ductwork was constructed poorly or improperly installed, or if it becomes damaged or deteriorates over time, leaking occurs.

Holes and separations at the seams of ductwork, as well as ducts or vents clogged by dirt and other types of pollutants and debris, prevent heated air from reaching the vents and moving throughout your home. The result is your furnace running nonstop as it tries to heat your home.

A professional HVAC technician will inspect the ductwork and determine whether repair work, replacement or duct cleaning is necessary. Annual HVAC maintenance is a good way to prevent issues like this and ensure your system is in good working condition.

Malfunctioning Blower Motor

The blower inside your HVAC system is responsible for forcing cooled air in the summer and heated air in the winter into your home. If the blower motor becomes damaged, it will stop working altogether or continuously work nonstop. If the latter occurs, your furnace will continue to run without shutting down.

This is another issue that requires the assistance of a trained HVAC professional. If your system continues to operate for an extended period with a broken blower motor, your entire HVAC system is susceptible to irreparable damage.

Don’t wait until cold weather arrives to ensure your furnace is in proper working condition. We’re here to keep you and your family safe and comfortable in all kinds of weather. Call the professionals at Scott Walker Heating and Air for all furnace issues or heating repair needs.

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