3 Worrisome Heat Pump Noises in Newnan, GA

Heat pumps produce some sounds during ordinary operation, but you shouldn’t write off every noise coming from these systems as normal. Some heat pump noises are genuinely worrisome, and residents of Newnan, GA, should know which ones require special attention.

Banging Noises

Some noises are normal for heat pumps, particularly after the device starts up again after not operating for some time. However, loud, persistent and repetitive bangs aren’t normal. These sounds typically indicate that some kind of part in the system is loose or detached, such as a fan blade.

Gurgling or Hissing Noises

If you hear gurgling or hissing noises coming from your heat pump, this probably means that there are some air bubbles inside the system’s refrigerant lines. This can only happen if air has displaced the refrigerant after the latter somehow leaked out. Since refrigerant leaks pose a threat to your safety, you should call professional HVAC service technicians to repair this problem or to handle it as part of a maintenance check.

Shrieking Noises

A shrieking sound resembling that of metal grinding against metal is always a cause for concern. Your heat pump will require a professional examination to discover the exact cause of this problem. It commonly means your system either has some dirty or otherwise faulty motor bearings or that some important part has come loose and is grinding up against another.

Some heat pump noises — like the powerful vibration from the scroll compressor when the system starts up or the clicks when it shuts down — are perfectly normal. Others could portend bad things for your home in Newnan, GA. For help in telling which is which, or for assistance with the causes of the bad noises, call Scott Walker Heating and Air to ask about scheduling our heat pump services.

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