Crawl Space Repair and Moisture Control in Newnan GA and Surrounding Areas

Crawl Space Underneath House

If your home suffers from cold floors, drafts or high humidity, sealing your crawl space can solve all of these problems. According to the Department of Energy, crawl space encapsulation is one of the most cost-effective improvements that you can make after insulating your attic.

Benefits of Updating and Repairing Your Crawl Space

Many homes in Georgia and the Southeast have vented crawl spaces with unfinished dirt floors. Unfortunately, in our humid climate, this design allows large amounts of moisture to enter your home through the ground, vents and foundation walls. A crawl space repair can prevent moisture-related issues, improve your comfort and help you maintain healthy indoor air quality by addressing the underlying cause. Take a look at some of the benefits.

  • Installing vapor barriers and repairing cracks prevents ground moisture from migrating into your home.
  • Crawl space repairs reduce humidity levels throughout your home while preventing structural damage.
  • Encapsulation prevents musty odors, pests and mold growth by keeping the humidity below 60 percent.
  • Closed crawl spaces have fewer pest infestations and lower mold spore counts.
  • Insulation minimizes temperature differences that cause condensation.
  • Weatherized crawl spaces prevent cold floors and temperature imbalances in your living spaces.

Vapor Barrier Installation

Georgia's famous red clay holds substantial amounts of water. As the ground moisture evaporates, it enters your crawl space and then your home. Installing a vapor barrier is one of the most effective ways to prevent moisture infiltration.

For optimal results, we use durable 6- to 10-mil polyethylene sheeting. Our installers apply the material across the floor and along the walls and piers. To prevent moisture from finding other entry points, we create minimal openings for plumbing lines and maintenance access, and all of the edges and seams are thoroughly sealed.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Encapsulation is a much more substantial improvement. In addition to installing a vapor barrier, it involves several extra steps for mitigating ground moisture, insulating the space and conditioning or dehumidifying the air. According to Advanced Energy, closed crawl spaces can reduce heating and cooling costs by 15 percent.

  • Before the encapsulation, we inspect the crawl space to determine which issues must be resolved.
  • If bulk water infiltration is a problem, this must be addressed by grading the area around your home and installing sump pumps or drains.
  • Next, we install polyethylene sheeting, seal the vents and insulate the walls, piers and joists. We also weatherize the sill plate to tighten your home's thermal envelope.
  • Finally, we install equipment that will dehumidify the air. We can also connect your crawl space to your AC system.

If your home has a vented crawl space with known moisture issues, encapsulation is a worthwhile and cost-effective improvement. To learn more about the benefits of crawl space encapsulation or to request a free quote, call Scott Walker Heating and Air in Newnan, Georgia. We'll be glad to assess your home and recommend a customized solution for addressing moisture problems and saving energy.

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