Newnan, Georgia, summers see average highs in the upper 80s and seven or eight days of rain each month. This can leave your home feeling hot and sticky if you don’t have the right comfort systems in place. Make sure your house is a cool, crisp haven this summer with our smart solutions.

Manage Humidity

High humidity levels are common in our part of Georgia. If you’re struggling with humidity in your home, you may notice a stale, stuffy feeling. Humidity can also lead to microbial growth in the house if left unchecked. Your air conditioner provides a natural dehumidification effect that can help restore comfort levels in summer. Using your AC system instead of open windows to cool the home will help keep moisture under control.

Improve Air Filtration

If your home is uncomfortable due to high levels of indoor irritants and allergens, consider installing an advanced filtration system to help deal with the problem. Air cleaners and purifiers take filtration to another level, going beyond what your standard AC filter can provide. These will help remove a higher number of contaminants from the air and capture those that are particularly small. A ventilator is another smart option. This type of system helps vent stale air outside the building and bring in fresh, clean air.

Use Fans Properly

Ceiling fans don’t actually cool your home, but they provide a wind chill effect that can make a space feel cooler when you’re in it. Turn fans off when you leave the room to conserve energy, but do use them in occupied spaces so you can set your thermostat to a higher temperature without feeling the heat.

If you need help keeping your home comfortable this summer, give Scott Walker Heating and Air a call. We can help you evaluate your current home comfort systems and find the right solutions for better cooling and enhanced indoor air quality. Give us a call today at 770-282-5061 to learn more about how we can help.

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