Crawl spaces in Newnan, GA, make it easy for you to reach critical parts of your home. Like other parts of your home, crawl spaces require regular maintenance to keep them functional. Here are some telltale signs that your crawl space requires repair.

1. Standing Water

The sight of standing water in your crawl space indicates that you are due for repairs. Some common causes of standing water are leaky pipes or inadequate drainage systems. Biological growth in your crawl space resulting from standing water can weaken the foundation, so prompt repairs are necessary.

2. Odd Smells

The strange smell you are experiencing around your home could be originating from the crawl space. Moisture buildup can cause condensation, leading to biological growth that causes musty smells. It’s advisable to repair gaps and cracks to prevent animals and pests that eventually die and cause a strange smell in your home.

3. Increased Electricity Bills

If there’s a sudden increase in your electricity bill, high humidity or excessive amounts of air inside your crawl space could be the culprit. High humidity levels strain the HVAC system, causing a spike in electric bills. Hire the pros to complete repairs and add more effective insulation.

4. Wood Rot and Floor Joist Issues

Wood starts to rot after a prolonged exposure to water that causes microbial growth. If you notice uneven, sloping on or bouncy floors, it may be time to schedule repairs. A professional will address the sagging floors in your crawl space before they escalate and damage other parts of your home.

These are telltale signs that you may have problems that require repairs. Hire a professional to inspect your crawl space regularly, address these issues and catch the problems early enough. Call Scott Walker Heating and Air today, and we’ll schedule maintenance plans and reliable repairs.

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