Why a Tankless Water Heater is the Best Choice for Your Home

Having a reliable source of hot water in your Newnan, Georgia, home is important to maintaining comfort and being able to go about your daily life. This makes choosing the right type of water heater for your home even more critical. If you are considering a new install or replacing a worn-out or damaged water heater, why not consider a tankless option? Check out some of the reasons a tankless water heater may be the best option for your home.

They Offer a Space-Saving Solution

With a traditional water heater, the system uses a large tank that will need to be kept in a garage or a utility closet. A tankless water heater is a wall-mounted unit that connects to the water line in your home. It heats the water as it goes through the heating element before being dispersed to your appliances and faucets. Since it is so small, it will require less space, making it the perfect option for smaller areas.

They Are Extremely Energy-Efficient

A traditional water heater works by heating up water in the tank and then pushing that water out to the faucets and appliances when it is needed. After water from the tank is used, more water will flow into the tank and require the element to heat it again. This can lead to constant energy use as water is flowing in your home throughout the day.

A tankless heater does not use the heating mechanism until it is signaled that hot water is needed. The water is pulled through the heating element and then through the faucet. By only heating water when it is needed, a tankless heater can save between 30 and 50 percent off your energy use.

A tankless water heater can provide you with a more energy-efficient option and space-saving solution to your hot water. Want to check out the benefits of a tankless water heater for yourself? Contact Scott Walker Heating and Air at 770-282-5061 today to inquire about available options.

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